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Check Out Our New Halloween Decor Inventory!

We’re so excited for all the shipments that have been coming in to our warehouse for Halloween 2013! We’ve added a bunch of new scary pieces, classic Halloween decorations, as well as restocked a lot of your favorite Halloween decorations from last year!

Here’s a preview of our new HomeSeasons.com Halloween 2013 inventory!

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Let us know what other items you would like to see us stock for Halloween 2013 in the comments below!

Check out all our past Halloween posts for even more party ideas! We have everything from DIY, to food, costumes, and so much more!



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Chic Halloween DIY Glitter Skulls

For those of you who want to go the chic Halloween home decor route instead of scary this year, today’s post is made for you!

It isn’t Halloween until we surround ourselves with spooky skulls. Skulls are pretty scary on its own! However, with a little bit of DIY craftiness, we can turn them into chic glitter pieces with a few supplies easily found from the craft store. Keep reading for instructions and ideas!

From Babble


From HomeSeasons

On a covered surface, prepare all your supplies. Cover the skull in a light layer of mod podge with the sponge paintbrush. Sprinkle the glitter to cover all of the skull (make sure to get into the hollows of the eyes and the nose), using the plate to catch the glitter. Pat the glitter on to make sure it sticks. Let dry for 15-30 mins (or until dry to the touch). If there are any spots you missed, add a little more mod podge on the area and re-glitter and let dry again.

Once completely dried, cover the whole skull with a thin layer of mod podge. This thin layer minimized glitter fallout from the skull. As much as we love glitter, we don’t want it all over our house! Let completely dry for at least a few hours.

The possibilities to this project are endless! Here are some more ideas on different designs and patterns for your glitter skull:

  • ombre pattern – do one section at a time and create a gradient fade on the skull with different shades of the same color glitter
  • sugar skull design – draw a pattern on your skull for a sugar skull design and work on one feature at a time. Use a smaller paintbrush for the initial mod podge application and glitter one color at a time.
  • a display of multicolored skulls – cover a few skulls in different colored glitter according to your Halloween color theme and display them on a shelf or as a centerpiece for a table

We think this project is a quick and easy idea to try with the family, and make great gifts! What other ideas can you think of for glitter skulls? Share with us in the comments below!

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Halloween Foods: Spooktacular Halloween Pizza

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party for your neighborhood, or preparing for a small family Halloween dinner with the kids, Halloween themed foods is a must-have! With so many spooky treats and foods out there, it’s definitely hard to pick one that appeals to adults and kids.

I think we can all agree that almost everyone enjoys pizza one way or another, right? In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with everyone some fun Halloween themed pizza from the internet! Some may be spooky, some may be cute, but they are all equally delicious!

From Taste of Home

From TabbyCakes on Squidoo

From Chef Mom: She Knows

From Arkansas Online

From Ingredients Inc

Aren’t you hungry just looking at the pictures? We definitely are (might even make a little detour to grab some pizza on the way home)!

Are you going to try any of these Halloween pizza ideas? Let us know in the comments below! For more information on each pizza, click the picture to reach the direct link!

Halloween is here in less than two weeks! Are you ready? We are!

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DIY Smokey Halloween Witch’s Cauldron

Halloween witches have been known to roam the night of Halloween on their broomsticks, casting spells on unsuspecting bystanders and turning them into newts and frogs! This Halloween, I have a feeling that something is going to be a’brewing..and that thing is a witch’s cauldron!

One symbolic item that we all associate  Halloween witches with is the cauldron. Cauldrons are used by Halloween witches to brew their potions. They would hang their cauldron over a flame and toss in strange ingredients such as eyes of a newt, fangs of a vampire,  and hair of a werewolf (just to name a few, and I’m making these up, by the way!)



As a Halloween decoration, there is no way we can have a live cauldron brewing up strange potions (fire hazard, anyone?), so how do we recreate the look of a smokey cauldron without actually putting it over a fire? Here, I will share with everyone 2 ways to create a smokey Halloween witch’s cauldron this Halloween!


1. Fog machine

You can purchase mini fog machines for your home at your local party/Halloween store. These machines usually come with a bottle of “fog juice” that creates a large amount of fog with the machine. However, fog juice can be replaced by distilled water to create a foggy effect as well, but it is not as intense. Place the machine into the cauldron for the smokey effect.


2. Dry ice

Dry ice might be a little harder to come by than a fog machine, but it also creates a smokey fog. All you need will be chunks of dry ice. Place the dry ice into a bowl of hot water (the hotter the water, the more fog). Put the bowl into your cauldron. When the fog starts to be less dense, replace the bowl with hot water and more dry ice. Be sure not to directly handle the ice with bare hands! It will burn!

Extra tidbits about dry ice:

  • dry ice is pressurized carbon dioxide that has been frozen solid
  • dry ice goes from a solid state directly to gas
  • always use dry ice in a ventilated area (excessive carbon dioxide can cause accidental asphyxiation)
  • FOOD GRADE dried ice can be used to put into food for special effects

Have fun creating your own smokey witch’s cauldron this Halloween! Let us know how your cauldron turns out!



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Eerie Halloween Footprints

Nothing is scarier than a trail of footprints. For one, you don’t know how they got there. Also, you don’t  know who (or what) made them! Was it a werewolf lurking around in the shadows, or just a harmless puppy dog? This Halloween, let’s spook the neighbors with a few creepy footprints. They are easy to create, and add a whole lot of Halloween spirit!



For  glow in the dark footprints (like the picture above), all you need is a bottle of washable glow in the dark paint and a pair of feet! If you don’t want to use your own feet, you can always make a stencil of one left and one right foot. Think outside the box! You aren’t just limited to human feet! Try making werewolf feet or gigantic feet!

If you choose to use your own feet, cover the sole of both your feet with the glow in the dark paint. Walk along any place where you would want the footprints to show.

If you are using stencils, lay the stencil of the foot in alternating pattern and paint the inside of the stencil.

For an extra spooky effect, try making the footprints go in strange directions. For example, going up a tree, up the side of a building, disappearing, etc etc!

If you can’t find washable glow in the dark paint, don’t worry! There is another way to create spooky footprints! Instead of making a stencil of footprints, make a cutout. Place the footprints where you want them, and cover the area with a layer of flour (or baby powder). When you remove the footprints, you will have a reverse footprint effect (equally as scary)!

You can put these footprints just about anywhere you wish! If you have a black light, even better! Glow in the dark paints glow even longer when you put them under a black light. The flour (or baby powder) also glows!

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Spooky Uses For Halloween Silhouettes

You know that feeling when you think you saw something scary at the corner of your eye, but turns out it was just a shadow of your cat? I am very familiar with that feeling. Now, it’s not because I have watched too many scary movies back in the day (I try to steer clear of them as much as possible), but shadows are actually very scary! You see a shadow of an animal from far away, but is it a dog, or a man eating werewolf?! This is why silhouettes are so popular for Halloween. Not only do they look like shadows, but you never know what you are really looking at. For today’s blogpost, I’m going to share with you all the uses I have thought up of (and compiled) of Halloween silhouettes that would amp up the spooky factor. Get ready to be spooked!


  • Spooky picture frames – Put a silhouette side profile picture of a face in a picture frame. Choose different sizes and shapes of the faces and frames to create variety. For an added touch of uniqueness, create the silhouettes of people you know! (Make a game out of it: let your friends and family guess who is who!)

  • Wall decorations: With a large sheet of paper, print silhouettes of a spooky graveyard scene (or any scary scene you’d like). Cut out the silhouettes and tape them to your wall. They will look like real shadows from far away!

  • Window shadows: With a large piece of paper, print/create life size silhouette cutouts of spooky things (for example: a cat, bat, candelabra, ghost, spider, werewolf, etc etc). Stick the cutouts onto the window. Turn indoor lights on. From the outside, it will look like the real thing is at the window!
  • Creepy shadows: With a large piece of paper, create life size cutouts of spooky things (again!) Instead of putting them on your window, put them outdoors! Stick the silhouettes onto the wall, a tree, or peeking out from behind the bushes! It will add an unexpected creepy element to your lawn!

Give silhouettes a try this Halloween. They are so easy to make and find! You can literally make any image you want into a spooky silhouette! If you have any additional Halloween silhouette  ideas, please share them with us!

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Spook-tacular Cupcake Decorations (Part 2)

Can’t get enough spooky Halloween cupcake decorations from our Part 1 blog post? Don’t you worry! We have part 2 for you right here! Feel inspired to decorate some awesome Halloween cupcakes of your own. Don’t forget to share with us afterwards! We can feature your masterpiece in a blog post!

For part 2, we are going to have a witch themed cupcake compilation! Get ready to be bewitched by these spooky cupcakes!


We might possibly have a part 3 cupcake compilation coming up, so keep checking our blog for more!



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