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Apple Themed Back to School Snack Ideas

We love our themed posts, especially for back to school because they’re reminiscent of our younger days (check out our previous post on Pencil Themed Back to School Snack Ideas)! One theme we couldn’t wait to blog about for BTS is apples.  It used to be tradition to bring an apple on the first day of school for the teacher. That soon evolved to other back to school gifts, but apples always made an appearance in the classroom.

In today’s post, we’re going to bring back the BTS apple idea, but with a twist! Instead of real apples, we’re going to share some fun apple themed food ideas for back to school, perfect for students and teachers!

Via Munchkin Munchies

Via iVillage

Via The Crafting Chicks

Via Celebrations

Via I Heart Naptime

Now you all see why we were excited for this apple themed back to school blog post! They’re all so fun and creative! If you want to put a spin on apples this back to school season, try out some of these yummy looking treats! Let us know if you give any of these a try. Don’t forget the pictures!

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Pencil Themed Back to School Snack Ideas

Pencils are a definite necessity for back to school supplies. Without pencils, how can we write and do homework? So to show our appreciation for this essential writing instrument, we’re sharing some fun pencil themed food and snack ideas for back to school!

Via Catch My Party

Via Bakingdom

Via Frost Me Blog

Via Edible Crafts – Craft Gossip

Via Catch My Party

Aren’t these fun? Now when we get nervous, we don’t have to chew on pencils anymore! We can actually eat these pencil themed snacks! If you, or someone you know, is going back to school this month, let us know what you want to see on our blog next!

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4 Healthier Easter Themed Snacks for Children

Though Easter is on Sunday, we can still celebrate with our children all through the week. One way to get them excited about the upcoming Easter holiday is by serving themed foods and snacks.

A lot schools are on spring break this week, so it is a great opportunity to spend some bonding time in the kitchen with children. Teach them about healthier snacks and give them easy tasks to do. Keep reading for 4 fun healthier Easter themed snacks we found from a few great bloggers that you can try!

Via My Delicious Ambiguity

Via The Prime Pursuit

Via Little Food Junction

Via Just Jenn Recipes

Children will not only gobble these up, but they’ll have fun making them as well. They won’t even know they’re eating healthy snacks! Will you be trying any of these ideas this Easter? Let us know!


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Santa Claus Themed Foods

We all know the story of Santa Claus: on Christmas Eve, Santa gets into his reindeer powered sleigh and delivers presents to all the children of the world. He does this all in one night (we’ve been shopping for weeks and our Christmas list is still not all crossed off)! Santa is amazing!

To commemorate Santa’s superhuman abilities, today we’re going to feature  Santa Claus themed foods to celebrate! Keep reading to see the cool ones we found!

Via Kawaii Foods

Strawberries and cream make cute Santa desserts!

Via Cutest Food

Santa hat cake pops are perfect for an after dinner snack too!

Via Ct Working Moms

Kids will enjoy gobbling up these Santa pizzas!

Via Rate My Rosetta

Check out this Santa Claus latte art by Monetvi! Would love to see this in our lattes!

Via Sassy Sites

Turn ordinary pretzels into Santa hats!

All of these foods look amazing, and so fun to make! For more information about each food, click the link/picture to be brought to the source.

Will you be making any Santa themed foods this Christmas? If you do, please share with us pictures and recipes below! Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

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Halloween Goodie Bag Inspirations

A lot of us like to host Halloween parties for our family and friends. All our favorite people gathered in one place, dressed up like super heroes and cartoon characters? Count me in! However, planning and hosting a Halloween party is a tough feat. We have to find our perfect Halloween costume, prepare the snackage, and spook out our home (inside AND outside)! With all these things to do, sometimes we miss an important part of hosting a party: creating the goodie bags.

Giving out goodie bags has become a popular tradition among party hosts. It’s a little way to thank the guests for coming to their party. They are usually filled with candies and little fun knick-knacks for the guest to take home and commemorate the event.

For Halloween, we should mix things up. Goodie bags are no longer just limited to the cellophane baggies we pick up from the market! Here I will show you a few pictures I found from the internet that should inspire us all to DIY our own little goodie bags for Halloween!

Not only do these make great goodie bags for parties at home, they are also great for children to take to school for a Halloween costume party. Instead of candies (as if children don’t eat enough already!), we can always fill the goodie bags with school supplies such as Halloween erasers, paperclips,  and stickers instead!

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Pumpkin Series: Savory Pumpkin Seeds

For the next few blog posts, this blog will have a pumpkin theme! This series will deal with all things pumpkin! Stay tuned for pumpkin recipes, uses, and other fun ideas you can do with your Halloween pumpkin!

The first post to kick off the pumpkin series will have to do with pumpkin seeds!

Once you carve your pumpkin, don’t throw away the seeds! They are actually tasty little treats! Here we have a recipe from the Allrecipe site to create your very own!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 1/2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds
  • 2 teaspoons butter, melted
  • 1 pinch of salt

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Clean your pumpkin seeds of any residual pumpkin and then leave them out to dry. In a bowl, mix the pumpkin seeds with the melted butter. Spread the pumpkin seeds flat onto a baking sheet. Sprinkle with a light layer of salt and bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown. Stir occasionally so all the pumpkins are equally heated. Remove from oven, cool, and serve!

This is a great, healthier alternative to chips or cookies. Let your kids mix the ingredients while you tend to the oven.



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