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Labor Day RWB Party Ideas

Since we dedicated yesterday’s blog to an all white Labor Day party, we’re coming back today with a more colorful party idea for Labor Day weekend (also known as LBW)! Did you know Labor Day (along with Memorial Day and 4th of July) is also synonymous with red, white, and blue?

Today, we’re going to share with everyone more red, white, and blue party ideas for Labor Day. Don’t forget to check out our 4th of July posts earlier in the summer as well for even more RWB party ideas!

Via Style Motivation

Via Babble

Via Style Motivation

Via P is for Party

Via A Stunning Affair

Since we already went all out for 4th of July with the red, white, and blue, we’re loving the toned down elements for Labor Day. One more day until the start of LBW!


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Labor Day White Party Ideas

Labor Day is 5 days away, marking the (non official) end of summer! For those of us living in the United States,  I’m sure we’ve heard variations of the phrase “no wearing white after Labor Day”. Though it is unclear where this phrase originated or why, we still hear it every Labor Day.

So to celebrate the last weekend of white for summer, we’re going to share our favorite all white party decor ideas. This is perfect for Labor Day weekend, or anytime of the year! Pair it up with an all white outfit for a Labor Day to remember!

Via Martha Stewart

Via Maison Blanches

Via Simple Blueprint

Via Lover.ly

Via Brunch at Saks

We’re so glad that Labor Day this weekend has inspired us to find all these beautiful white party ideas because we love all of them! White can be chic and cozy at the same time. Let us know how you’ll celebrate Labor Day weekend in the comments below!


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Summer BBQ Ideas – Condiment Bar

Summer is all about the barbecues (or BBQ for short!), and we love looking up new ideas to help us host an even better barbecue. This got us thinking–what would make our usual barbecue even more convenient for our guests? How about a condiment bar!

If your barbecues are anything like ours, we’re constantly looking for the ketchup and mustard. By the time we find them, our burgers are cold! Just imagine our frustration!  So this summer, we’re going to try out a condiment bar for our barbecues. We found some ideas that we think are worth a try, so keep reading to check  them out!

Via Pinterest

Cupcake liners make for easy clean up!

Via iVillage

Consolidate the condiments and utensils all in one place with a DIY caddy from a cardboard drink holder!

Via Pinterest

Let your guests see all the available condiments by serving them on tiered trays.

Via Project Wedding

Keep condiments cool in the hot summer heat by using an ice bucket!

Via Wheat Paste

Label condiments with fun homemade labels to differentiate between different types.

We can’t wait to try some of these ideas out this summer at our next barbecue. We especially like using the cupcake liners to minimize cleaning (who wouldn’t like that)! Let us know your favorite condiment bar ideas, or your own ideas,  below in our comments!


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Our Favorite Ways to Serve Summer Drinks

It’s starting to heat up just a little bit more here on the west coast, and we’re excited to finally make more delicious summery drinks to cool down! Whichever drink you decide to make, creating a fun presentation is one of the best parts of preparation.

In our blog today, we’re sharing our favorite ways and ideas to serve summer drinks for the hot months. These ideas will make you feel like you’re enjoying an ice cold lemonade on the shores of a tropical island, but in your own home!

Via Genethlia

Serve watermelon juice straight out of a watermelon!

Via Herbsandoilshub

Via Babble

Fill a large glass jug with different drinks, and label with a piece of paper and ribbon.

Via Love this Pic

Via Ideas Homelife

Serve bottled drinks straight from the glass! You can DIY your own drink labels too!

Via Imgur

We still love our mason jars, especially to serve drinks!

If you’re hosting a summer party this year, these ideas are sure to impress! We especially like the ones served in glass bottles. They’re so classic but fun at the same time! We hope you give these ideas a try (and if you do, let us know in the comments below)!


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