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Guest Post: Watch Out! This Shark Party Will Bite Ya!!

Hello Lovelies! We are so excited here at B. Lovely Events to be guest posting today on the Home Seasons Blog. As summer is almost coming to a close we wanted to enjoy the last days of sunshine by showing you one of our favorite trends this summer…a shark party! With the ever growing popularity of shark week, shark themed parties started popping up everywhere and we must say we are quite smitten for this theme for a summer pool party. Whether it is a birthday party for a youngster or for the more mature and wise or just a party to enjoy the water and sunshine, Shark parties always pack a bite of loveliness. We love shark parties because even though they may be one of the most dangerous creatures in the water, at parties, their faces are just too darn cute on everything! How could you be scared of a smiling shark cake pop?! We will show you exactly what we mean with our round up of all of our favorite shark pool party ideas!

{This is the ultimate shark party from Renee’s Soirees! All of the sharked themed food is just too lovely. Just perfect for a pool party!}

{We just love this light blue and red themed shark party on Amy Atlas. Our favorite is the blue jello cups with the sharks coming out of it! Even though this is a birthday party, all of these ideas would be lovely for a pool party too!}


{We are smitten for the vintage vibe on this shark party on the Celebrations at Home. Salt water taffy and shark gummy skewers? Everyone will LOVE that at a pool party!}


{These are the best shark fin cupcakes we have seen! All of the mixes of blues with the shark fin topper is seriously lovely! Spotted these on Anders Ruff.}


{This whole shark party from Z Perfect Party on Catch My Party is AH-mazing! We love the bite me signs and shark bites out of all of the food.}


{We couldn’t do this shark party round up without these lovely shark party hats! They are just too adorable and DIY from Tips From The Heart.}

{Such a cute shark party from Jax and Mia! All of the mixes of colors and patterns is just too lovely. Not to mention to adorable shark foods. This would be perfect for a pool party!}


{We always love apothecary jars and these ones with shark and surf themed foods are amazing. The shark cookies and cupcakes are darling too, not to mention this whole entire spread of goodies spotted on Kara’s Party Ideas. This is a pool party’s dream dessert bar!}

{No pool party is complete without these super cool shark sandwiches! Saw these on My Party Obsessions.}

{We adore all of the shark themed food ideas at this shark party from Autumn G. on Catch My Party. From the cake pops the the shark cake, everything is so lovely! All of these ideas would go fabulously at a pool party!}

We hope you loved our round up of shark party ideas to inspire your next pool party. This week themed on B. Lovely Events is Dog Birthday Parties and Home Seasons is talking all about pupcakes-Don’t forget t0 check it out!

By Emily Cann-B. Lovely Events



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Clever Back To School Gift Ideas

Is it me, or did this summer really fly by this year in the blink of an eye? Can’t believe kids are already going back to school this month! To get everyone back into the swing of things for Fall, we’re going to dedicate a few posts this month to back to school ideas!

Today, is all about back to school gift ideas for kids and teachers. But not just any back to school gifts, clever ones! By clever gifts, we mean ones with quirky play on words! Here are a few of our favorite ideas that we thought you’ll enjoy too!

Via Eighteen25

“According to my calculations, this is going to be a good year!” with a calculator!

Via Indulgy

“Good luck, smartie pants. (Not like you need it.)” with Smarties!

Via It Works for Bobbi

“I’m so excited to learn s’more!” with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!

Via Get Busy Living

“A little something to get you back to the grind” with coffee (for teachers!)

Via Sandy Toes and Popsicles

“This is going to “bee” a great year!” with honey!

Via I Heart Naptime

“You’re so sharp” with pencils!

It’s a great idea to send the kids off on the first day of school with a fun little gift. It brings encouragement and comfort to an otherwise nerve wrecking day! Which one of these quotes do you think is the cleverest? Let us know in the comments below (or make up your own)!

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4 Healthier Easter Themed Snacks for Children

Though Easter is on Sunday, we can still celebrate with our children all through the week. One way to get them excited about the upcoming Easter holiday is by serving themed foods and snacks.

A lot schools are on spring break this week, so it is a great opportunity to spend some bonding time in the kitchen with children. Teach them about healthier snacks and give them easy tasks to do. Keep reading for 4 fun healthier Easter themed snacks we found from a few great bloggers that you can try!

Via My Delicious Ambiguity

Via The Prime Pursuit

Via Little Food Junction

Via Just Jenn Recipes

Children will not only gobble these up, but they’ll have fun making them as well. They won’t even know they’re eating healthy snacks! Will you be trying any of these ideas this Easter? Let us know!


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Happy Halloween 2012! + Halloween Safety Tips

HomeSeasons would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween 2012!

We hope everyone has a great time celebrating this fun holiday with family and friends! Enjoy all the ghoulish festivities and scrumptious treats! Get all decked out in your costume and go trick or treating with the kids and family!

But one thing to be sure of, stay safe this Halloween! Here are some Halloween safety tips:

  • if you’re wearing a dark costume, be sure to wear reflectors
  • when driving, be extra aware of children that may run out into the street
  • stay on the sidewalk and cross carefully at designated crosswalks
  • only eat unwrapped candy and treats from friends and family you know
  • take notice of lit jack-o-lanterns and keep them away from flammable costumes and pets
  • trick or treat in groups
  • do not stop at dark/unlit houses
  • do not take rides from strangers
  • for adults: do not drink and drive, always designate a driver
  • have fun responsibly

Again, we hope everyone has a fun time celebrating Halloween this year. Will you be out trick or treating? Or staying in to pass out candy? Share with us in the comments below your plans for tonight!

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Back to School: Personalized School Supplies

First day of school: Your child arrives with fresh new notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc
Fast forward 2 months into the school year: Most of it goes missing! What happened to all the school supplies? Back to the store you go..

How many of you have witnessed the same scenario? (Or maybe you even remember it happening to yourself!) You buy new school supplies for your child, only to find more than half of it missing a few months in! Then I thought, if we put name tags on our pets for easy return, why don’t we do the same for school supplies? In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with everyone our favorite personalized school supplies!


From Personalization Mall

No more missing lunchpails on the playground!

From Toy Depot

Missing pencils will definitely find their owners! You can personalize it with names or your favorite sports team!

From The Palm Gifts

Not only would you be saving the environment by minimizing landfill, these are also cute!

From Little Lady Bug

If you can’t get something professionally personalized, try a premade sticker!

Did you have any of these school supplies when you were growing up? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to have the personalized water bottles back in our day!


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4th of July Project – Patriotic Hand Print Fireworks

Fireworks are synonymous with 4th of July! Learn a quick project to create patriotic fireworks with hand prints! They’re easy to make, and great for children of all ages!

There are two different types of hand print fireworks you can make. Keep reading for more!

Hand Print Paper Cutout Fireworks

From All Kids Network

For older kids who can work with scissors, this is a fun project to make their own firework hand prints!


  • construction paper (red, white, blue, black)
  • pencil
  • glitter glue
  • scissors
  • glue

Kids can take turns tracing their hand prints on the colored construction paper. Cut the hand prints out and glue them into a starburst pattern on the black paper. The kids can then decorate the hand prints with glitter glue.

Hand Print Stamping Fireworks

From Real Bollywood

This version of the project is perfect for younger children! Not only will they have a blast stamping with their hands, they also get to participate in a similar project as the older kids.


  • non-toxic paint (red, white blue)
  • construction paper (white or black as background)
  • glitter glue
  • paper towels for cleanup

Children can stamp their hands into the paint to make their own patriotic fireworks. Alternate the colors before each stamp. Once dried, the children can decorate with glitter glue!

What other fireworks craft projects do you know of? Share them in the comments below! We’re so excited that 4th of July is coming up! More projects and decor ideas coming up for 4th of July!


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4th of July Project – Easy Patriotic Paper Lanterns

Though 4th of July is a holiday that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, there are many activities that younger children cannot participate in. For example, fireworks and barbecuing are activities strictly reserved for older kids and adults.

To keep smaller children occupied during the more intense 4th of July activities, we can give them a fun paper project to do to keep them busy! Remember paper lanterns we used to make in elementary school? They are also great for 4th of July!


From Easy Preschool Craft

From Indus Ladies


  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paper (red, white, blue)
  • ruler
  • pens, embellishments
  • glue or tape

With a ruler, cut a rectangle around 5-6″ in H, and 6″ W. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and draw lines extending from the folded edge like so:

Cut the lines while the paper is still folded. Open the fold and roll the paper into a cylinder shape. Using glue or tape, fasten the top and bottom of the roll.

To make handles, cut a strip of paper and attach it to the top of the lantern.

Decorate with glitter, stickers, markers,  or color pens!

Once your little ones have create a whole batch of these, string them up on the porch for a lovely DIY 4th of July decoration! Not only will it add extra red, white, and blue ambiance to the porch, but the kids will love having their project displayed for everyone to see!


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