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Whimsical Summer Tea Parties

We’ve been a fan of tea parties since we were young. This may have a little something to do with watching Alice in Wonderland on repeat, but who knows! Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to host a tea party in the outdoors with all the flowers in bloom.

Since we still have a month left of summer, we’re going to share some of our favorite tea party ideas to inspire you to have your own before fall begins. Get ready for whimsy and pretty overload!

Via River Tea

Via Pinterest

Via Happy Party Idea

Via Pinterest

Via Bow Occasions

Via Punchbowl

Via Bubble and Sweet

If these pictures don’t make you want to host a tea party in the near future, we really don’t know what will! We sneaked in a cute Mad Hatter tea party idea for a fun surprise. If you are hosting a tea party this summer, let us know how it turned out!



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Beautiful Spring Flower Cupcakes

We all know that spring is flowers galore, and that’s not just limited to the plants outside. We see touches of floral in furniture, our clothing, and now even in food!

One beautiful way to portray flowers in food is through cupcakes. The art of cupcake decorating has evolved tremendously the past few years, and have gotten so elaborate. They can even make icing and fondant look like real flowers! Here are some of our favorite floral cupcake finds we came across from some talented bakers and decorators!

Via Cupcake Post

Via Cutest Food

Via Fan Pop

Via Faircake

Via Emmaline Bride

Some of these look so real, its hard to believe they’re edible. Imagine serving a platter of these at your next spring brunch! We hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Tuesday morning!

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Cherry Blossom Inspired Home Decor Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have cherry blossoms blooming in your area, spring is the time to see them. Though some of these trees do produce cherries, many cherry blossom trees are cultivated for mainly the blossoms and no longer produce fruit.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a few home decor ideas that make use of these beautiful cherry blossom blooms, real or inspired!

Via Mochatini

Via Martha Stewart

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Renouned Nest

Cherry blossoms are beautiful during the spring. If you get a chance to visit a cherry blossom festival, take a look! They’re definitely a sight to behold. We hope you enjoyed this post, and give these home decor ideas a try!



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