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Fancy Homemade Popsicle Inspiration for Summer (part 2)

We received great feedback on our Fancy Homemade Popsicle Inspiration for Summer post in July, so we’re coming back today with a part 2 with more fancy homemade popsicle inspirations!

Homemade popsicles are no longer what they used to be. They’re way fancier, and we love that! Popsicles are not just simple treats enjoyed by kids during the summer time. With a little bit of inspiration, they can transform into sophisticated summer desserts for adults, as well. Here are more of our favorite popsicle inspirations!

Via Love Daily Dose

Via Babble

Via Hello Love Blog

Via With Raw Intentions

Via Martha Stewart

Via A Subtle Revelry

Give these ideas a try while it’s still summer! Fall is coming in less than a month, so now is the perfect time to squeeze in a few more homemade popsicles before the weather cools down. Let us know which idea you can’t wait to try, or share with us your fancy popsicle ideas!



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Paper Pom Pom Party Inspirations

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you would know that we like our fair share of DIY projects for party and home decor. Not only does it help save money in your piggy banks, but you can also customize it to fit any decor theme.

One DIY item that looks impressive but is super easy to make is the paper pom pom ball. All you need to make them are tissue paper, string, and a pair of scissors (and there are countless tutorials online to teach you how to make them)!

Since there are so many great tutorials out there teaching how to make paper pom poms, we’ll leave that to the crafting professionals! Instead, we’re going to share with you some impressive decorating ideas using these affordable, DIY paper pom poms.

Via Bodie and Fou

Via Swoon Events

Via Party Parade

Via Blue Eyed Yonder

Via Weddingomania

Via Project Nursery

It’s impressive that simple pieces of tissue paper can make such fun and colorful decor items, perfect for home and party decor! Have you made paper pom poms before? We have, and they were so easy! Let us know in comments below how yours turned out!


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Decorating for Summer with DIY Vase Ideas

We love our colorful flowers, and we’re always looking for more ways to creatively display them in our home. But as much as we love flowers, we were getting a little tired of displaying them in our old glass vase.

This is what set us on an online search for fun new vase ideas this summer. Turns out, there are so many out there that are DIY-able! We’re sharing our favorite DIY vase ideas today that can amp up an old vase (or glass jar) you may have on hand too. Check them out!

Glittered via Dunne With Style

Sequined via Tumblr

Painted via Blue Kat Kraft

Vase within vase via Awesome Home Pins

Lace print via Cute Pinky

Washi tape via Homedit

We’re definitely DIY-ing our tired vase with one of these ideas. Let us know which one we should try in the comments below! We might try all of them if we can find enough vases! Try one of these ideas for home decor this summer!


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Instagram DIY Craft & Home Decor Inspirations

Instagram has really taken off the past year or so, and we think it’s so fun! For those of you not familiar with Instagram, it is a phone app where you can post pictures to share with your friends, family, and the Instagram community. You can put fun filters on the pictures, and tag it with keywords so people with similar interests can find your picture.

Don’t let all your lovely pictures get lost in cyberspace once you post them! You can print them out to use for tons of craft projects and home decor ideas. Today, we’re going to share with you our favorite DIY craft ideas that we think really make use of all the Instagram pictures you collected. Check it out!

Instagram magnet idea via Coeur Blonde

Instagram coaster idea via Style Motivation

Instagram phone case idea via Real Beauty

Instagram wall art idea via A Beach Cottage

Instagram clock idea via Mamamia

Suddenly have an urge to print out all your Instagram pictures? We know the feeling! With a little DIY inspiration, Instagram pictures make such crafty and personalized home decor pieces!

Which Instagram DIY idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! If you try any of these ideas out, be sure to share with us your masterpiece!



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Fancy Homemade Popsicle Inspiration for Summer

Remember when we were in middle school, and we would stay in during the heatwave and make homemade popsicles with popsicle molds and juice? We would create our own juice concoctions to make one of a kind, colorful popsicles to enjoy in our driveways. Those were the days!

Recently, we came across a lot of fancy homemade popsicle ideas that were really impressive, and made us want to give homemade popsicles another try. Who knew there were so many DIY popsicle ideas out there! Here are some ideas that really caught our eye (and our taste buds)!

Both via Ashdown and Bee

Via Pinterest

Via Lil Luna

Via Total Beauty

Via iVillage

Via Skinny Mom

We want to dig out our old school popsicle maker right this instant! Which one of these popsicle ideas can you not wait to try this summer? We love the idea with the edible flowers. Let us know in the comments below!



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Stars and Stripes Patriotic Wreaths

A quick and easy way to decorate your home for 4th of July is with a wreath. Wreaths are great because they can double up as an indoor or outdoor decoration. Put it on your front door or over your mantle for a beautiful decor piece to use year after year!

We’re going to show you our favorite wreath finds in today’s post to inspire you to add a patriotic wreath to your 4th of July decor collection (most of these you can even DIY)! Keep reading for ideas, or just to check out some cool stars and stripes wreaths!

Via Pinterest

Via Fine Craft Guild

Via MM Scrap Shoppe

Via Pinterest

Via Pretty Parsonage

We would love to add all of these to our 4th of July wreath collection! What about you? We think wreaths are one of the most classic, all-American decorations, perfect for 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday. Not to mention, they also look great as a year-round decorating piece!

Any other 4th of July decor pieces you would like us to feature on our blog next? Let us know below!

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Spring Mantle Decorating Ideas

The mantle is the focal point of many homes. It  is usually found in the living or dining room, where families and friends gather during parties and get togethers. We fill our mantles with pictures of our loved ones and decorate it for different holidays.

Since the next holiday isn’t for a while, we’re seeing a lot more spring inspired mantles popping up on various blogs. While many are full of pretty pastels, we’re also seeing ones with bright shades of colors. Here are a few of our favorites!


We’re loving the contrast of white and brown together in this mantle from HGTV. Bring in a few blooms and put them in a little pitchers for a lovely, rustic look.

Via DIY Show Off

Loving the “spring” banner from this DIY Show Off mantle.

Via The Inspired Room

This idea from the Inspired Room is not just great for spring, but for all year long. Collect all  your favorite items and display them on your mantle for a great conversation piece during parties and get togethers.

Via Lemon Tree Dwelling

We love this mantle from Lemon Tree Dwelling because of fun pop of green.

Via Domestically Speaking

Another great accent color is  bright teal, like this mantel from Domestically Speaking. They even reused/upcycled some egg accents from Easter.



Via HomeSeasons.com

Or how about adding a colorful potted plant decoration? We’re excited to add these to our website inventory for spring 2013!

We think decorating your mantle for the spring it’s another fun way to bring color and cheer into your home between the holidays. How do you feel about decorating your mantle for the season? Let us know!


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