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Chalk It Up – Chalkboard Themed Back to School Ideas

We’re reaching the end of our back to school themed posts! Though we’re sad that we’re going to have to wait a whole year to blog more about back to school, we’re still excited to share a few more ideas with everyone before we pack away our school supplies.

Back in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up because I loved drawing on the chalkboard. Fast forward (many, many) years later, and the obsession is still ever so present. There’s just something about the chalkboard that brings back so many memories! So in today’s post, we’re dedicating it to chalkboard themed ideas that are perfect for back to school!

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If you have a love for chalkboards like I do, I hope this post brought back some good school memories from your childhood. Let us know what you want to see in our last few back to school posts of the year!



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A Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold – St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project & Home Decor

Leprechauns are known to have a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I don’t know about you, but I’ve chased many rainbows in my day and still haven’t found any gold! As I’ve gotten older, I eventually grew out of chasing a dream.

Though I’ve stopped chasing, this doesn’t mean I still don’t believe that there are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! In today’s post, I’m going to share with everyone a fun project I found via Makes and Takes to make our own. Let’s get inspired!


From Make and Takes


  • planter (depending on how big you want your pot)
  • black paint + paintbrush
  • fake grass fill
  • pipe cleaners (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • chocolate coins

Thoroughly clean the planter with water and soap. Once dried,  paint the whole planter with black paint and set aside to dry. Fill the planter with fake grass and chocolate coins. Arrange the pipe cleaners according to the colors of the rainbow and bend to a U shape. Place in the planter and adjust the pipe cleaners.

Voila! Your very own pot of gold! If you are making this project with a whole family or classroom, opt to use chalkboard paint instead. Each person can decorate their pot however they’d like with chalk! They can even write their name on the pot!

Once St. Patrick’s Day is over, the planters can be used to grow a small plant!

What will you be filling your pot of gold with? Let us know in the comments below! You don’t necessarily need to fill it with chocolate or candies. Little fun party favors will be great as well. Wrap up the whole thing with cellophane and give them out as gifts!

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Thanksgiving for the classroom!

Bring Thanksgiving into the classroom! If you are a teacher, you are in luck! Bring together your students and have them help out with Thanksgiving decorating. It is not only fun to decorate together, but also efficient and is a great bonding experience.

  1. Set the mood: add a fall feeling to your classroom by adding fall leaf arrangements to the teacher’s desk, or hanging a fall border around the bulletin boards. Add some orange and brown throw rugs, and a Thanksgiving-themed welcome mat outside your classroom door. Set out some Thanksgiving picture books in the reading corner.
  2. Review your Thanksgiving lesson plans. See if you can add in any hands-on, decorative activities to your lessons, such as making hand print turkeys or pilgrim hats. These can then be hung on the classroom bulletin board.
  3. Use writing activities to help you decorate. Have the children write what they are thankful for on giant turkey feathers made from orange, yellow and brown construction paper. Then, place the feathers on the wall around a turkey body made from brown butcher paper. Alternately, have them write what they are thankful for on paper maple leaves, and string them together to form a garland. Hang the garland from the top of the white or chalkboard, or over a window.
  4. Plan an art lesson. If you can’t tie in craft activities to your lesson plans, try to find the time to squeeze in one craft activity just for fun, or make it into an art lesson. For example, a lesson on painting with watercolors can be a good opportunity to make fall leaves. Have the children paint watercolor paper in fall colors, letting the watercolors bleed into each other. Once the paper dries, have the children cut the paper into fall leaf shapes. Glue the leaves onto Thanksgiving place mats, or use them for the writing activity above.
  5. Don’t forget the outside of your room! Initiate a door-decorating contest with the other teachers. Have each class come up with a Thanksgiving theme for their doors, and then decorate the doors.
  6. And…don’t forget the desks! Tiny pumpkins can be used to make clever turkeys. Glue craft store feathers onto the pumpkins with a hot glue gun, and glue a construction paper turkey “head” to the stem. Use a permanent marker to write each student’s name on the turkey and use them as name tags during the month of November. This can be a project for a parent volunteer or for the children if they are old enough to handle a hot glue gun.
via eHow.

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