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Guest Post: Watch Out! This Shark Party Will Bite Ya!!

Hello Lovelies! We are so excited here at B. Lovely Events to be guest posting today on the Home Seasons Blog. As summer is almost coming to a close we wanted to enjoy the last days of sunshine by showing you one of our favorite trends this summer…a shark party! With the ever growing popularity of shark week, shark themed parties started popping up everywhere and we must say we are quite smitten for this theme for a summer pool party. Whether it is a birthday party for a youngster or for the more mature and wise or just a party to enjoy the water and sunshine, Shark parties always pack a bite of loveliness. We love shark parties because even though they may be one of the most dangerous creatures in the water, at parties, their faces are just too darn cute on everything! How could you be scared of a smiling shark cake pop?! We will show you exactly what we mean with our round up of all of our favorite shark pool party ideas!

{This is the ultimate shark party from Renee’s Soirees! All of the sharked themed food is just too lovely. Just perfect for a pool party!}

{We just love this light blue and red themed shark party on Amy Atlas. Our favorite is the blue jello cups with the sharks coming out of it! Even though this is a birthday party, all of these ideas would be lovely for a pool party too!}


{We are smitten for the vintage vibe on this shark party on the Celebrations at Home. Salt water taffy and shark gummy skewers? Everyone will LOVE that at a pool party!}


{These are the best shark fin cupcakes we have seen! All of the mixes of blues with the shark fin topper is seriously lovely! Spotted these on Anders Ruff.}


{This whole shark party from Z Perfect Party on Catch My Party is AH-mazing! We love the bite me signs and shark bites out of all of the food.}


{We couldn’t do this shark party round up without these lovely shark party hats! They are just too adorable and DIY from Tips From The Heart.}

{Such a cute shark party from Jax and Mia! All of the mixes of colors and patterns is just too lovely. Not to mention to adorable shark foods. This would be perfect for a pool party!}


{We always love apothecary jars and these ones with shark and surf themed foods are amazing. The shark cookies and cupcakes are darling too, not to mention this whole entire spread of goodies spotted on Kara’s Party Ideas. This is a pool party’s dream dessert bar!}

{No pool party is complete without these super cool shark sandwiches! Saw these on My Party Obsessions.}

{We adore all of the shark themed food ideas at this shark party from Autumn G. on Catch My Party. From the cake pops the the shark cake, everything is so lovely! All of these ideas would go fabulously at a pool party!}

We hope you loved our round up of shark party ideas to inspire your next pool party. This week themed on B. Lovely Events is Dog Birthday Parties and Home Seasons is talking all about pupcakes-Don’t forget t0 check it out!

By Emily Cann-B. Lovely Events



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Pencil Themed Back to School Snack Ideas

Pencils are a definite necessity for back to school supplies. Without pencils, how can we write and do homework? So to show our appreciation for this essential writing instrument, we’re sharing some fun pencil themed food and snack ideas for back to school!

Via Catch My Party

Via Bakingdom

Via Frost Me Blog

Via Edible Crafts – Craft Gossip

Via Catch My Party

Aren’t these fun? Now when we get nervous, we don’t have to chew on pencils anymore! We can actually eat these pencil themed snacks! If you, or someone you know, is going back to school this month, let us know what you want to see on our blog next!

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Happy Father’s Day from Home Seasons!

fatherHomeSeasons would like to wish all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day! If you’re celebrating with your dad this weekend, check out our Father’s Day round up with posts we made!

Awesome Father’s Day Cupcakes

Tie Inspired Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day Gift Series: From Cards to T-shirts

Again, we hope everyone is having a fun time celebrating with family, and we’ll be back next week with more 4th of July themed posts!

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Awesome Father’s Day Cupcakes

My dad would pick a sweet treat over savory any day. When I was thinking of possible treats to make him for Father’s Day this year, it was quite an easy choice. Cupcakes, of course!

Honestly, he would’ve been fine with plain ‘ole vanilla cupcakes from a box, but since it’s Father’s Day, I wanted to surprise him with something a little bit more fancy. We looked up many Father’s Day inspired cupcake, and found a bunch of ideas that we thought would be fun to share with everyone. If you’re baking cupcakes for your dad this Father’s Day too, this post will be a fun one!

Via Bakerella

Via Babble

Via Babble

Via Cupcakes Take the Cake

Via Completely Cakes

Via Cake Central

Does your dad have a sweet tooth, as well? If so, cupcakes are a great idea to make for Father’s Day, especially if they look as fun as these ones! We’re definitely inspired to make some this weekend, what about you? 🙂


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Graduation Cap Dessert Treat Ideas

Summer is coming up soon. But you know what else this means? It’s graduation season! For those of you who have worked hard for this moment, this post (and a few more coming up ;)) is dedicated to you!

Whether you (or someone you know) is graduating from elementary school, high school, or college (congrats!), graduating is a major milestone in life. You worked hard for that square graduation cap! So in today’s post, we wanted to share THREE graduation cap dessert treat ideas we found that we think everyone will enjoy. Be sure to click the original source for more info!

Via Punch Bowl

Graduation Cap Chocolates – This idea from Punch Bowl is super easy! The main ingredients are chocolate squares and Reese’s cups. The tassels are made from sour belt candies.

Via Hungry Happenings

Graduation Cap Cakes – This yummy grad cap cake from Hungry Happenings looks delicious! Using yummy flourless cakes and homemade chocolate squares, this is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Via Taste of Home

Graduation Cap Brownies – For an even more decadent dessert, this grad cap brownie from Taste of Home will sure hit the spot! This treat is made from brownie bites and a chocolate covered graham cracker.

To everyone graduating this year, congratulations! We have a few more graduation themed posts coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our blog!


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No Bake Creepy Crawly (But Delicious) Dirt Cake

One time at a spring themed party, we were surprised at what was on the dessert table. There were little  cups of dirt, that people were eating! Turns out, it wasn’t dirt, but a yummy dessert called dirt cake. It’s made to look like a potted plant in the spring!

They’re actually quite easy to make, and not to mention delicious! We’re going to share with you a list of supplies to make your own at home! Serve them at your next spring party to entertain the guests!

Image via Babble

Ingredients/Supplies – to make ~6 servings

  • 8 oz of Oreos or chocolate sandwich cookies (1/2 a pack)
  • 2 packs of vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 1/4 cups of milk
  • 8 oz of Cool Whip
  • 6 oz of cream cheese
  • 3 tbs of room temp butter
  • gummy worms

Combine the cream cheese together with the butter. In another bowl, mix the vanilla pudding mix and milk together. Fold in the Cool Whip and the cream cheese mixture. Next, crumble the cookies (either crush by hand, blender, or a food processor) until it looks like dirt.

In a cup, put alternating layers of cookie crumbles and cream cheese mix, starting and ending with a cookie layer. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

You can substitute the vanilla pudding with chocolate pudding to make this extra chocolatey, or top it off with a gummy worm to make it more creepy crawly!

This quick and easy dessert is great to serve at your next springtime party. It’s also fun to make with kids! Let us know if you’ve had dirt cake before in the comments below!


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Beautiful Spring Flower Cupcakes

We all know that spring is flowers galore, and that’s not just limited to the plants outside. We see touches of floral in furniture, our clothing, and now even in food!

One beautiful way to portray flowers in food is through cupcakes. The art of cupcake decorating has evolved tremendously the past few years, and have gotten so elaborate. They can even make icing and fondant look like real flowers! Here are some of our favorite floral cupcake finds we came across from some talented bakers and decorators!

Via Cupcake Post

Via Cutest Food

Via Fan Pop

Via Faircake

Via Emmaline Bride

Some of these look so real, its hard to believe they’re edible. Imagine serving a platter of these at your next spring brunch! We hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Tuesday morning!

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