Coral & Mint Color Combo for Summer

Recently, we’ve posted a few decor trends for the summer that we love (pastels, rainbow, and neon just to name a few)! But we felt we needed to include a few of our favorite color combos that we’re also loving for summer 2013.

To be honest, we were inspired to write this post from a watermelon. What better fruit for the summer than watermelon! However, the colors of a watermelon (red and green) can look a little Christmas-y, which is we we chose the toned down versions of the colors, coral and mint, to be our favorite summer color combo for this year! Keep reading for some fun ways to incorporate these two colors into your summer!

Via Prydelig

Via Weddingomania

Via Indulgy

Via The Gotta Have it Girl

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Are you a fan of coral and mint? We think it’s a great combination for the summer, or year round to bring a little color into your home. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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4 responses to “Coral & Mint Color Combo for Summer

  1. I completely adore mint and corral together! Lovely images, I would be so excited to call these rooms home.

  2. That is a GORGEOUS color combo. Could be pretty for a nail polish design too!

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