Make a Splash With Cute Beach Themed Food Ideas

We have to admit, we are pretty lucky living on the west coast. We’re driving distance from the beach! Though we don’t go to the beach as much as we’d like (we only went once this summer!), we love everything about being by the water.

This is what inspired us to blog about beach themed food ideas today! If we can’t be by the beach all the time, we can at least pretend, right? If you’re like us and love being on the beach too, keep reading for ideas and inspiration to recreate your own little beach at home with cute food!

Via Favething/Hungry Happenings

Via Gobs of Giggles

Via Cupcake Cutiees

Via Pinterest

Via Not A Real Housewife

Via Tip Junkie

Via Cutest Food

If this doesn’t make you feel like you’re by the beach, then we don’t know what will! These are perfect for a beach themed party for the end of summer, or for an aquatic children’s party!

We just might head off to the beach after this post! Let us know if you enjoyed any of these cute beach food ideas!


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7 responses to “Make a Splash With Cute Beach Themed Food Ideas

  1. I LOVE the croissant crab!! Totally adorable! Can I “borrow” that? Also, the octopus is simply brilliant!! Happy Halloween for sure!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love all of these! Another great round-up for Octopus Garden Party ideas! — Especially the croissant crab and octopus pot pie!

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