Clever Back To School Gift Ideas

Is it me, or did this summer really fly by this year in the blink of an eye? Can’t believe kids are already going back to school this month! To get everyone back into the swing of things for Fall, we’re going to dedicate a few posts this month to back to school ideas!

Today, is all about back to school gift ideas for kids and teachers. But not just any back to school gifts, clever ones! By clever gifts, we mean ones with quirky play on words! Here are a few of our favorite ideas that we thought you’ll enjoy too!

Via Eighteen25

“According to my calculations, this is going to be a good year!” with a calculator!

Via Indulgy

“Good luck, smartie pants. (Not like you need it.)” with Smarties!

Via It Works for Bobbi

“I’m so excited to learn s’more!” with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!

Via Get Busy Living

“A little something to get you back to the grind” with coffee (for teachers!)

Via Sandy Toes and Popsicles

“This is going to “bee” a great year!” with honey!

Via I Heart Naptime

“You’re so sharp” with pencils!

It’s a great idea to send the kids off on the first day of school with a fun little gift. It brings encouragement and comfort to an otherwise nerve wrecking day! Which one of these quotes do you think is the cleverest? Let us know in the comments below (or make up your own)!

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