Cool Party Decor Ideas Using Balloons

As long as we can remember, balloons were one of our favorite parts about decorating for a party. Not only are they easy to find in every color imaginable, but they’re also fun for the kids to play with (or even us adults, too)!

Though balloons only require helium and a string, there are so many ways out there to that can take regular balloons to the next level. We’re going to share some cool (and different) balloon decorating ideas in today’s blog today, perfect for any summer party (or birthday party)!

Via The Berry

Turn an ordinary balloon into a mini hot air balloon with a basket and netting.

Via So Beautiful Things

Balloons make fun bubble looking decorations for a refreshments bar.

Via Pinterest

Make floating ice cream cones for a summer ice cream party with pastel balloons.

Via Colour Giggles

Tie a party invitation or a note onto a small helium filled balloon for a surprise!

Via Babble

Different colored balloons can make fun fruit decorations for summer.


If you need balloons, we carry a party pack of balloons on perfect for decorating!

Aren’t these ideas fun? We especially love the whimsical hot air balloon decoration! Let us know which of these ideas are your favorite!



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8 responses to “Cool Party Decor Ideas Using Balloons

  1. Love the flower basket with the “hot air balloon!” What a cute idea for a party!

  2. That hot air balloon is just too cool! Love that idea!

  3. I am in love with the hot air balloon centerpiece. So simple, but just too cute!

  4. Love the hot air balloon!!

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