Rainbow Party Decor Ideas for Summer

One way to have a colorful summer party is to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into your party decor. Summer is a great time to host a rainbow themed party without feeling like you’ve gone overboard with all the colors (we hate to admit it, but rainbow can be quite overwhelming on a muted fall day).

So before summer comes to an end, let’s all host a fun rainbow themed party! We’re sharing our favorite multicolored party ideas in today’s blog post. Give these ideas a try this weekend to brighten your day!

Via Catch My Party

Via Punchbowl

Via Catch My Party

Via See Vanessa Craft

Via Slices of Flight

Via The Party Press Blog

Via Hip Hip Hooray Blog

Via Obaz

We’re loving all the bright colors in these rainbow party decor ideas! Let us know if you’ll plan a rainbow themed summer party in the comments below. We’d love to hear your opinion!

Btw, we had a new blog post up for every month of July! If you’re ever stumped for summer ideas, feel free to take a look!



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2 responses to “Rainbow Party Decor Ideas for Summer

  1. Okay, could that first pic be any cuter? Funnest party ever!

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