Summer BBQ Ideas – Condiment Bar

Summer is all about the barbecues (or BBQ for short!), and we love looking up new ideas to help us host an even better barbecue. This got us thinking–what would make our usual barbecue even more convenient for our guests? How about a condiment bar!

If your barbecues are anything like ours, we’re constantly looking for the ketchup and mustard. By the time we find them, our burgers are cold! Just imagine our frustration!  So this summer, we’re going to try out a condiment bar for our barbecues. We found some ideas that we think are worth a try, so keep reading to check  them out!

Via Pinterest

Cupcake liners make for easy clean up!

Via iVillage

Consolidate the condiments and utensils all in one place with a DIY caddy from a cardboard drink holder!

Via Pinterest

Let your guests see all the available condiments by serving them on tiered trays.

Via Project Wedding

Keep condiments cool in the hot summer heat by using an ice bucket!

Via Wheat Paste

Label condiments with fun homemade labels to differentiate between different types.

We can’t wait to try some of these ideas out this summer at our next barbecue. We especially like using the cupcake liners to minimize cleaning (who wouldn’t like that)! Let us know your favorite condiment bar ideas, or your own ideas,  below in our comments!



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4 responses to “Summer BBQ Ideas – Condiment Bar

  1. love the jars packed in ice!

  2. Love all of these — especially the use of the ice bucket, and the condiments in muffin tins is just too cute (and functional)!

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