Seashell Home Decor Ideas for Summer

Have you been making your rounds to the beach this summer? We sure have! We love the ocean breeze and picking up seashells on the shore. We’ve collected many shells throughout the years, but we don’t know how to make use of them! We hate to admit it, but they’re all just collecting dust in a box in our closet..

This is what inspired us to write today’s post! Seashells can make great home decorations for the summer, so why not make use of them! We looked up a few ways to incorporate shells into our summer home decor, and we’re going to share our favorite picture inspirations below!

Via Centsational Girl

Via Nancy Nurse

Via Cush and Nooks

Via Craftgawker

Via Tumblr

Via Pinterest

We’re definitely taking our seashells back out for these beachy home decor ideas! There’s still almost 2 months left of summer, so that’s plenty of time to give some of these ideas a try. Let us know if you love decorating your home with seashells for the summer, too!



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