Exploring the Watercolor Trend – Home, Fashion, & Beauty

Watercolor is another one of our favorite trends going on right now. Though it was most popular in the springtime, we certainly love all the colors it brings to summer, as well. The whimsicality of the pattern is enough to make us happy, and brings us back to our childhood when we used to play with watercolors during the summer.

Remember those days? Watching the colors diffuse in water was such a beautiful sight! In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a few ways to try the watercolor trend, in home decor, fashion, and beauty!

Via HGTV Blog

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Say Yes to Hoboken

Via Refinery 29

Via Gotidbits

How do you feel about the watercolor trend? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below! If you can’t tell, we are definitely “yay” on this trend. We hope it’s here to stay throughout the year. Just imagine how beautiful the watercolor pattern would be in lovely fall colors!

More summer posts coming up soon! Stay tuned!


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