Sail Away! With Nautical Themed Summer Home Decor

Last July, we posted some nautical outfit ideas for summer on our blog. We’re back a year later with more nautical themed ideas, but this time in the form of home decor! We love nautical for the summer because it reminds us of sailing away on the water in the warm summer months (not that we have before, but it’s always fun to pretend)!

There are a few elements that you can add to your home decor to instantly turn your home into a nautical escape:

  • stripes
  • red, white, blue, black
  • rope details
  • anchors
  • wood

Without further ado, we’re going to share some of our favorite nautical home ideas in our blog today. Get inspired to try some of these ideas in your own home! (See if you can spot any of the elements we mentioned in the pictures below!)

Via The Travel Tester

Via Bonasty

Via Country Living

Via Tumblr

Doesn’t it already feel like you’re about to sail away on a boat into the sunset? It certainly feels that way to us! We love all the different elements that go into a nautical theme, and would love to (one day!) try this out in our homes. Let us know what you think about nautical in the comments below!


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