Our Favorite Ways to Serve Summer Drinks

It’s starting to heat up just a little bit more here on the west coast, and we’re excited to finally make more delicious summery drinks to cool down! Whichever drink you decide to make, creating a fun presentation is one of the best parts of preparation.

In our blog today, we’re sharing our favorite ways and ideas to serve summer drinks for the hot months. These ideas will make you feel like you’re enjoying an ice cold lemonade on the shores of a tropical island, but in your own home!

Via Genethlia

Serve watermelon juice straight out of a watermelon!

Via Herbsandoilshub

Via Babble

Fill a large glass jug with different drinks, and label with a piece of paper and ribbon.

Via Love this Pic

Via Ideas Homelife

Serve bottled drinks straight from the glass! You can DIY your own drink labels too!

Via Imgur

We still love our mason jars, especially to serve drinks!

If you’re hosting a summer party this year, these ideas are sure to impress! We especially like the ones served in glass bottles. They’re so classic but fun at the same time! We hope you give these ideas a try (and if you do, let us know in the comments below)!



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4 responses to “Our Favorite Ways to Serve Summer Drinks

  1. All so great! Love the idea of utilizing watermelons as a “punch bowl”!

  2. So much cuteness! Makes me want to have a party just so I can use some of these ideas!

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