Protecting Our Skin from the Summer Sun

We love spending time under the sun in the summer, but while it may be all fun and games, we have to make sure we do so safely. This is when preparation ahead of time comes in handy! There’s nothing worst than being caught under the blazing heat without proper supplies.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a few skin protecting tips to enjoy the summer sun safely. Some of these tips may seem obvious to the typical summer adventurer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Learn about SPF – SPF stands for sun protection factor. The number helps you calculate how many minutes you can be protected under the sun.

Know the difference between sunscreen and sunblock – Sunscreen and sunblock are not the same. Sunscreen filters the harmful rays. Sunblock reflects the rays away from the skin. Depending on your skin type and sun protective needs, choose the one for your lifestyle.

Use enough sunscreen/sunblock lotion – Don’t skimp on the protective lotion. Wear enough lotion to fully cover all exposed areas of skin. Don’t forget the tops of ears, the hairline, under the chin, behind the neck, and other areas that are often forgotten.

Reapply protective lotion– Reapply sunscreen/sunblock after you’ve been in the water, or after doing vigorous activity. Choose a waterproof version for longer wear during water activities.

Avoid the sun during peak hours – Avoid outdoor activities during the peak hours, where the sun shines the brightest. This time is usually around 10am-4pm, varying between different locations.

Indoor sun – Harmful rays can easily pass through windows. Wear protective lotion when you are sitting by a window indoors.

These tips are meant to be ideas on how to have a safer summer under the sun. For more information, always refer to your doctor or dermatologist. We hope everyone will continue to have a safe and fun summer!


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