Summer Blooms

Though we always think of spring as the season when flowers are blooming left and right, summer also has its fair share of flowers that bloom all the way until the fall.

Personally, we love summer blooms as much as spring blooms because they are equally as beautiful! Who wouldn’t want to see an array of flowers constantly blooming in their garden, right? In today’s blog, we’re going to share with you a few flowers that bloom exclusively in the summer. Plant a few in your garden to enjoy all the way to autumn!

Via Organic Gardening

This lovely flower is called the ‘Goblin’ Blanket Flower. It blooms in June to August, and is great for places that get a lot of sun.


The dahlia is another flower that grows well in full sun. They come in many colors and can grow to be as big as a dinner plate!

Via Hydrangeas Hydrangeas

 (Endless summer) Hydrangeas thrive in shaded areas, allowing them to bloom freely.


This lovely bulb is the Tuberous Begonia. They are great for planting in boxes by the window sill, or in containers.


The Asiatic lily is said to be one of the easiest lilies to grow, and come in a wide selection of colors.

These flower look great blooming in your garden, or in a vase indoors. Fresh flowers can instantly brighten up your home for the summer!

There are so many more other types of flowers that bloom in the summer! For more information about the flowers we introduced today, feel free to check out the source link. We hope everyone enjoyed this post filled with lovely pictures of flowers. We can’t wait to see these flowers blooming in person!




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2 responses to “Summer Blooms

  1. All are so beautiful! Especially love Dahlias!

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