Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Home Styles

Patriotic decor isn’t limited to just 4th of July parties. For those of you who enjoy the red, white, and blue color scheme year round, today’s post is for you!

Red, white, and blue are classic, all-American colors of the United States, and we personally love using these 3 colors as accents around the home, not just during 4th of July. Keep reading for some of our favorite home style ideas featuring our beloved rwb color scheme that you can use year round (and doesn’t scream “I’m hosting a 4th of July party today”)!

Via Midwest Living

Via Homes Blog

Via Woman’s Day

Via The Cottage Chick

Via Decorating Files

Via Pottery Barn

You can definitely use red, white, and blue colors in your home year round without looking like a 4th of July party! We love the fun home accent pieces, especially the patriotic pillows and hanging American flags. What about you? Let us know in the comments below your favorite patriotic home style idea!


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