Patriotic Refreshments Bar/Area Ideas

There’s only 1 week left until 4th of July! Time is passing by so fast! On 4th of July (or in the summer), the hotspot of any party is definitely the refreshments area. In the sweltering weather, nothing beats the heat more than a wide variety of drinks, preferably in a self-serve station so we can keep re-hydrating ourselves!

There are so many fun ways to organize all the refreshments for any 4th of July party. Some even serve red, white, and blue themed drinks! In today’s post, we’re going to share with everyone some patriotic refreshments bar/area ideas to try next week on 4th of July. Here are some of our favorites!

Via Our Best Bites

Create a self serve station for icy drinks like Our Best Bites.

Via Inspired By Charm

We love this drink cart idea via Inspired By Charm, especially with the red, white, and blue drinks.

Via Simple Pretty

Via Indulgy

Fill a tub with ice and packaged drinks for an easy refreshment area like these ideas via Simple Pretty and Indulgy.

Via Big Bears Wife

This drink is literally red, white, and blue! We love this drink idea via Big Bears Wife (not to mention the container is fun, as well).

Via 2 Sisters 2 Cities

Mason jars make great serving cups! 2 Sisters 2 Cities decorated the glasses with a fun patriotic ribbon.

Refreshment bars are such a great idea to try at your next summer party. Everything you and your guests need to rehydrate is all in one place! We especially love the patriotic touches that were put into the ideas we shared today. They’re great for 4th of July, or any other patriotic celebration year round!


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4 responses to “Patriotic Refreshments Bar/Area Ideas

  1. Love this! So many great ideas yet so simple and cheap!

  2. I love love love the “Life” “Liberty” and “Happiness” beverage tubs! So clever!

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