DIY 4th of July Patriotic Bandana Pennants

We’re always thinking of ways to DIY holiday decorations with items we carry, and today we found a project that is quick, easy, and fun to make for 4th of July.  We’re going to share with you a DIY idea to make your own patriotic pennants!

All you need are red, white, and blue colored bandanas. Using these bandanas, you can make a fun patriotic pennant banner to hang up for 4th of July, or any other patriotic holiday. It really doesn’t get easier than this! Here are two ideas to try!

Via Party City

HS-J-FLBANDANA_14th of July Patriotic American Flag Bandana

All you need to make a similar American flag pennant banner are American Flag bandanas. We carry a 20″ American Flag bandana on that would be perfect for this project! To make the pennant, fold the bandana at a diagonal from the corner with the stars. Tie it with another to make a long line of banner.

Via Hoosier Homemade

Don’t have American flag bandanas? You can also use other types of bandanas in red, white, and blue, like this idea from Hoosier Homemade! Using the same tying method as the DIY idea above, alternate colors of red, white, and blue to make a different 4th of July pennant!

This is definitely one of the easiest ideas we have found for 4th of July, and also one of our favorites! We love using pennants for decorations because you can decorate a large area without spending a lot of money.

homeseasons14th of July Patriotic Pennant Banner (24 ft)

We also carry a pre-made 4th of July pennant banner from that is just as easy to use! It comes with 24 ft of large patriotic pennants that is perfect for indoors or outdoors. Check out our website for more 4th of July decor!


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