Cute Watermelon Animals for Summer

Watermelon is our summer fruit of choice. This delicious fruit is said to be 91% water (no wonder it’s called watermelon)! With its high water content, it is definitely our favorite hot summer day thirst quencher.

Not to mention, watermelon is also a widely known party favorite. The prep time is less to none, and can serve many guests. With most things we feature on our blog, you know we like to add a little bit of quirkiness. We’re going to share with you some cute watermelon carved animal ideas to try for the summer!

Via Babble

Via Museum of Life + Science Blog

Via Gourmet Sleuth

Via Woman’s Day

Via Watermelon

Which one of these cute watermelon animals is your favorite? Let us know below! We especially like the watermelon turtle. Can you imagine serving that at your next summer party?!




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2 responses to “Cute Watermelon Animals for Summer

  1. These are SO adorable! Of course, I’m obsessed with the penguin.

  2. Oh I LOVE them all!! 🙂

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