Add a Splash of Yellow to Your Summer Party!

Summertime is all about the sunshine. When you think sunshine, what color comes into mind? Yellow! Yellow represents the rays from the sun perfectly. When hosting a summer party, yellow is  a great color to incorporate into a theme or decor because the color is the epitome of summer sun and fun!

We personally love yellow for the summertime because it is definitely one of the happiest colors in the color spectrum. However, yellow can be a tricky color to work with for a themed party. In today’s blog, we’re going to try inspire everyone by sharing a few ideas to incorporate more yellow in your next summer party!

Via Woman’s Day

Yellow is a great base color for a summer party. Use accents of teal and orange like this party from Woman’s Day to make it more colorful!

Via MG Party Blog/Katie Grace Designs

Take your yellow themed party outside for a breezy summer party like this one from Katie Grace Designs. The green in the background is the perfect backdrop for a yellow themed party!

Via Brunch at Saks

Love the mixing of yellow patterns like this place setting from Brunch at Saks. Polka dots and stripes are so fun together!

Via It’s Overflowing

Yellow can also be a great accent color for an all white party like this idea from It’s Overflowing. Here, they used accents of yellow in a table runner, flowers, ribbons, and a butterdish. They even have lemons!

You don’t have to wait until summer to have your own yellow themed party. These ideas are also great for spring, too! We have almost three weeks left until summer starts, so don’t wait!

Yellow is a great color for summer parties, and we urge everyone to give it a try. Whether you’re in the mood for hosting an all out yellow party, or would just like to add yellow accents, we hope this blog post gave you some ideas!

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