Customized Graduation Cap Ideas

We have another graduation cap idea coming your way! This time, it’s all about the cap itself. If you’ve attended a graduation lately, you would’ve seen a lot of graduates decorating their caps with colorful embellishments. This makes for easy identification from their family in a sea of caps and gowns!

Via Emerson College

We wish we thought of this idea when we graduated! It may be a little late for us, but for those of you graduating this year, give it a try! Here are some supplies and ideas you may need to make your own!


  • Fabric paint
  • Puffy paint
  • Stick on gems
  • Foam letters
  • Glitter
  • Ribbons
  • Trim
  • Glue gun

Quotes/Designs to use

  • “We made it!”
  • “Class of 2013!”
  • Your school colors
  • Your school mascot
  • Your next destination (ex. “Med School Bound!”)
  • Your name (of course!)
  • Major related

Grab a group of friends to make this a fun project! It’s a great bonding experience before everyone goes their separate way for summer. We hope you all have fun decorating your graduation cap. Show us your masterpiece!



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2 responses to “Customized Graduation Cap Ideas

  1. My niece graduates this year…I can’t wait to show this to her!

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