Graduation Cap Dessert Treat Ideas

Summer is coming up soon. But you know what else this means? It’s graduation season! For those of you who have worked hard for this moment, this post (and a few more coming up ;)) is dedicated to you!

Whether you (or someone you know) is graduating from elementary school, high school, or college (congrats!), graduating is a major milestone in life. You worked hard for that square graduation cap! So in today’s post, we wanted to share THREE graduation cap dessert treat ideas we found that we think everyone will enjoy. Be sure to click the original source for more info!

Via Punch Bowl

Graduation Cap Chocolates – This idea from Punch Bowl is super easy! The main ingredients are chocolate squares and Reese’s cups. The tassels are made from sour belt candies.

Via Hungry Happenings

Graduation Cap Cakes – This yummy grad cap cake from Hungry Happenings looks delicious! Using yummy flourless cakes and homemade chocolate squares, this is sure to be a crowd favorite.

Via Taste of Home

Graduation Cap Brownies – For an even more decadent dessert, this grad cap brownie from Taste of Home will sure hit the spot! This treat is made from brownie bites and a chocolate covered graham cracker.

To everyone graduating this year, congratulations! We have a few more graduation themed posts coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our blog!



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One response to “Graduation Cap Dessert Treat Ideas

  1. These all make graduating much more delicious! I love how simple they all are too.

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