Colorful Spring Flower Pot Home Decorations

One thing we love about spring is the abundance of flowers. There is definitely no shortage of beautiful blooms during this time of the year. Though flowers are best grown in the great outdoors, we love how they look when they’re inside our homes.

One reason we love growing flowers indoors is because we get to find beautiful planters and pots to put them in. It’s another piece of home decor we can shop for (and you know how we are about home decorations)! We especially love colorful ones for this time of year. Here are some of our favorite ideas for spring flower pots!

Via Pinterest

Via Simply Find It

Via Decor 4 All

Via Simply Find It

Via Martha Stewart/Project Wedding

Via A Chica Living

Don’t forget, has THREE cute flower pot decorations for those of you who want floral touches in the home, but would prefer not to have real flowers.


L to R: Spring, Butterfly,  & Welcome Flower Pots Decorationsfrom

Aren’t these just so fun and colorful for spring? We just love having flowers in our home. It can instantly brighten up any room in your home for quick and easy home decor!



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2 responses to “Colorful Spring Flower Pot Home Decorations

  1. Enjoy them all — but LOVE the idea of using asparagus to hold flowers!!

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