Beautiful Spring Flower Cupcakes

We all know that spring is flowers galore, and that’s not just limited to the plants outside. We see touches of floral in furniture, our clothing, and now even in food!

One beautiful way to portray flowers in food is through cupcakes. The art of cupcake decorating has evolved tremendously the past few years, and have gotten so elaborate. They can even make icing and fondant look like real flowers! Here are some of our favorite floral cupcake finds we came across from some talented bakers and decorators!

Via Cupcake Post

Via Cutest Food

Via Fan Pop

Via Faircake

Via Emmaline Bride

Some of these look so real, its hard to believe they’re edible. Imagine serving a platter of these at your next spring brunch! We hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Tuesday morning!


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One response to “Beautiful Spring Flower Cupcakes

  1. These are so beautiful! I am always so impressed with the artistry that goes into cake/cupcake decorating like this. So much detail! Takes a much steadier hand than I have! šŸ™‚

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