Picks for Mother’s Day Flicks

Yesterday, we posted some fun brunch tablescapes for Mother’s Day (check out the post here), but we all know brunch is only a small fraction of activities we have planned for celebrating with mom. After our bellies are all stuffed with yummy brunch food, what should we do next? Gather on the couch for a little movie day!

So let’s all grab a bucket of popcorn, drinks, and a cozy blanket for a fun filled movie session. Here are some great movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day!

Mamma Mia

Anywhere But Here

Freaky Friday

Terms of Endearment


The Sound of Music

What are some of your picks for a Mother’s Day movie? Share with us in the comments below! Let’s make this Mother’s Day the best one yet!

(All images via Wikipedia)



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2 responses to “Picks for Mother’s Day Flicks

  1. Great picks! Especially Mamma Mia! Love that movie 🙂

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