Heart Shaped Foods for Mom

Mother’s Day is a day to show our love for our moms, and nothing symbolizes love more than hearts. Also, what do all moms appreciate? Food! So we put two and two together, and decided to dedicated a whole blog post to heart shaped foods that we can serve our moms for Mother’s Day.

We found heart shaped foods galore–spanning from breakfast all the way to dinner. She will definitely feel the love, all day long. Here are some of our favorites! [For recipes and more info, view the source link]

Love-ly Breakfast

Via Hub Pages

Via Martha Stewart

Via Art and Design News

Heart-felt Lunch

Via I Really Like Food

Via Cutest Food

Via Recipe

Heart-y Dinner + Dessert

Via Serious Eats

Via Annie’s Eats

Via Martha Stewart

Our moms will LOVE these! And you know what? After Mother’s Day, we can also use these ideas for other occasions where we’re celebrating with people we love! What are some other ideas of heart-y foods for Mother’s Day? Share with us below, or tell us which from above is your favorite!



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3 responses to “Heart Shaped Foods for Mom

  1. These are so sweet!! (Pun intended!) 🙂

  2. These are all so darn cute! I can’t get over how clever the egg is. And I know my pizza-loving mother would appreciate a heart-shaped pizza.

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