Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013

This week, we’re dedicating our blog to one of the most important people of our lives, our moms! Mother’s Day is on May 12th this year (see our countdown widget on the right), and that’s only 6 days away! This week will fly by in a whirlwind while we prepare to celebrate with our moms this Sunday.

One thing a lot of us have trouble finding is the perfect Mother’s Day present. What do we gift to this special lady, who keeps insisting they don’t need anything? In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a thoughtful gift guide for Mother’s Day, sure to make them feel appreciated.

Via Her Campus

Spa Day – Mom’s are always too busy to pamper themselves. Why not have a fun mother/daughter spa day together by taking her out to your city’s favorite spa for some much needed R&R.

Frame a Favorite Picture – Here in the digital age, the art of print photography is lost. Find a favorite picture of your family and get it printed at your local drugstore. Put it in a nice frame for a priceless gift.

Via Chicago Now

Homemade Baked Goods – Our moms have had their share of baking during our childhood. It’s time for them to enjoy some delicious yummy baked goods, as well! Fill a basket full of fresh baked goodies (baked by you!), and they will definitely feel the love.

Treat Her to a Dinner Out – Another thing moms are often too busy to do: take off their apron for a night to have a nice dinner out! Treat her (and your dad too! :)) to a nice dinner out, on you! Book them a table at your favorite restaurant for them to try something new.

Handmade Cards – As we get older, it gets more convenient to pop into the drugstore to pick up a Mother’s Day card. If you’re crafty (we’re sure you are craftier than you think!), hand-make a card for your mom this year to bring back the days from your childhood.

What will you be getting your mom this Mother’s Day? Share with us below! No matter what you decide to get your mom, it’s definitely the thought that counts.


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