Cherry Blossom Inspired Home Decor Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have cherry blossoms blooming in your area, spring is the time to see them. Though some of these trees do produce cherries, many cherry blossom trees are cultivated for mainly the blossoms and no longer produce fruit.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a few home decor ideas that make use of these beautiful cherry blossom blooms, real or inspired!

Via Mochatini

Via Martha Stewart

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Renouned Nest

Cherry blossoms are beautiful during the spring. If you get a chance to visit a cherry blossom festival, take a look! They’re definitely a sight to behold. We hope you enjoyed this post, and give these home decor ideas a try!




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4 responses to “Cherry Blossom Inspired Home Decor Ideas

  1. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite!!! I love that rain boot idea. I totally need to do that in Portland.

  2. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful! I used to have two big cherry blossom trees in my yard until they got struck with lightning and split in half 😦 I love those lights; you can have cherry blossoms year-round.

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