Happy Earth Day 2013! + 5 Earth Day Tips

Home Seasons would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day, 2013!spring13

Earth Day is dedicated all things Earth related, in particular, protecting our environment. Though we should be protecting our Earth and environment everyday, today is a great reminder for all of us!

We’re going to share with you 5 tips to help us protect our environment, for Earth Day and year round!

Reducing the use disposable plastic
Many times when we’re hosting a party, we opt for easy plastic utensils, plates, and cups to minimize work during clean up. However, the amount of plastic waste accumulated at the end of the day can add up! Reduce the use of these one-time use plastic supplies by using reusable tableware whenever possible.

Go paperless
We can minimize the amount of paper waste also by going paperless with our bills. Many accounts now offer online bill paying, which not only minimizes the use of paper, but also a lot quicker!

Shop locally
It’s great to support our local farms by buying our fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market. Many cities host weekly farmer’s markets, where you can find an abundance of locally grown produce  (many grown without the use of pesticides, which means great for you AND the environment)!

Upcycle/Donate old clothing
We all hoard clothes, and you know it! Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to old clothing because a) it still fits! or b) I’ll wear it one day! But we all know that it ends up at the bottom of our closet a few months later. Instead of collecting, it’s great to clear a little closet space by bringing clothing to the donation center, or upcycling to make new items. For example, old shirts can make fun DIY pillowcases or towels!

Conserve water
Though it may seem like the Earth is abundant with water, only a small percentage of it is suitable for drinking, or accessible for use. There are many different ways to conserve water, but here is a few to try:
– water plants in the morning when it’s still cool out (minimizes the water from evaporating too fast)
– adjust the setting to the load size of your laundry, or try to wash full loads as much as possible (same with dishwashers)
– check for leaky faucets

By being a little bit more conscious about our actions, we can lighten the load off the Earth. We only have one planet Earth, so we must do what we can to make it enjoyable for our future generations, starting with Earth Day! What will you be doing on Earth Day to protect our environment? Please share with us below!



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4 responses to “Happy Earth Day 2013! + 5 Earth Day Tips

  1. Happy Earth Day!
    I love your tips and actually do all of these! I have been saving the plastic containers our strawberries come in in order to use them to teach my 3 sons how seeds grow. http://bit.ly/15C4vW1

  2. Happy Earth Day! Great tips!! 🙂

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