Spring Projects for Recycling Plastic Easter Eggs – Part 2

Last year, we posted a fun blog post about recycling (aka re-purposing) old Easter Eggs for the springtime (click here for post). We’re coming back a year later with a part 2. We found a few more projects to make use of all the leftover plastic Easter eggs we collect (we know you do it too)!

These ideas are great for those of you who have a surplus of plastic Easter eggs, but don’t want to throw them away after the holiday is over. We can do so many things with them that we never thought of!  Here are a few ideas to try:

Via Sweet Bean Gardening

Wrap a plastic Easter egg with twine like the one from Sweet Bean Gardening to make a muted decoration suitable for any season.

Via Handmake My Day

Add them to a spring wreath like this one from Handmake My Day.

Via Better in Bulk

Better in Bulk turned a bunch of plastic Easter eggs into a fun topiary decoration!

Via Naptime Journal

Or string all the eggs together to make a colorful garland for a fun outdoor party like Naptime Journal!

These are just a few projects to try with your Easter eggs! Don’t forget to check out last year’s post for more ideas. We might even come back with a part 3 next year if we find more fun projects! 😉


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