Cute Spring Bee Themed Treats

You know spring is here when you see (or hear) busy bees floating about from flower to flower. Though bees may seem like creepy crawly insects, they play an important role in pollinating flowers. Without bees, we wouldn’t see as many beautiful flowers in the springtime. Not to mention, we wouldn’t have any honey!

So for the springtime,  let’s show some appreciation to these busy bees and create some fun bee themed treats for the spring. Here are a few of our favorites ideas from some awesome blogs!

Via Niner Bakes

Via Kraft

Via Hungry Happenings

Via Hub Pages

These cute bee treats are perfect for a spring or birthday party (and even all the way through the summer). Buzz-z-z-z on over for more spring posts in the future! 😉


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One response to “Cute Spring Bee Themed Treats

  1. These are all so adorable!!

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