Spring Home Decor Ideas Using Mason Jars

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in popularity of mason jars around the home, especially outside the kitchen. What are mason jars, you ask? Mason jars are specially made glass jars with one time use lids that are perfect for canning foods such as jams and fruit preserves.

Though their main purpose is to hermetically seal foods to keep for a longer amount of time, their lovely shape has made them popular home decor items as well. Two of the most popular brands of jars are Ball and Kerr. Mason jars are especially popular in the spring! Here are some of our favorite ideas we found from some crafty bloggers!

Via Making Home Base

This beautiful vase by Making Home Base is simple yet lovely. The key embellishment is the perfect final touch.

Via The CSI Project

This cute set of bunny painted mason jars from Larissa on The CSI Project/Just Another Day in Paradise are great for Easter and spring!

Via Babble/Blissfully Content

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a soap dispenser with tips from Blissfully Content!

Via Bride Pop

Via Fox News/ For Chic Sake

Of course, mason jars also make cute drink cups like shown here on Bride Pop and For Chic Sake!

There are so many more tips and uses of the mason jar. This is only the tip of mason jar iceberg! We see many more mason jar inspired posts coming up in the future, and we can’t wait!

We’re definitely inspired by all of these bloggers to pick up some more mason jars to decorate with for the spring season. What about you? Let us know!



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3 responses to “Spring Home Decor Ideas Using Mason Jars

  1. What great ideas!! I actually have 24 sets of mason jars in two sizes that we use for our casual parties. It’s a great way to use glass with your guests but not have to worry about if something breaks — especially for outdoor entertaining!

    • Thanks Kenley! There are so many mason jars idea out there and we thought we’d share a few faves with everyone. It’s so much fancier to actually use glass for parties instead of paper cups. Since these jars are so easy to find, they’re easily replaceable when one breaks!

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