Easter Marshmallow Peeps Inspired Stuff!

Marshmallow Peeps. We all know and love them. For those of you who don’t know what they are, Peeps are marshmallow candies that are popular Easter basket stuffers. They’ve expanded their line beyond Easter, with fun marshmallow candies for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas!

Peeps are not just yummy marshmallow candies anymore! Their fun shape, flavor, and color has inspired other items made to their likeness! Keep reading for a few of our favorite fun marshmallow Peep inspired stuff for Easter!

Via Geek Alerts

We love these soft, huggable Peeps bunny plushies!

Via Serious Eats

We might not be able to eat marshmallow Peeps all the time, but we can apply the lip balm whenever we want!

Via Sears

This will make such a cute child’s costume for Halloween!

These are so fun, right? We would love to get our hands on those colorful Peeps bunny plushies! What about you? Have you seen any other fun marshmallow Peeps inspired things you want to share with us? Leave it in a comment below!



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2 responses to “Easter Marshmallow Peeps Inspired Stuff!

  1. Eek! So cute! Peeps have to be the cutest edible treat ever. And now I guess these products make them the cutest inedible edible treats too?

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