Valentine’s Day Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns have become a popular holiday decoration over the past few years. This is no different for Valentine’s Day. Not only are they easy to find in stores, but they are readily available in all colors in shapes. Year after year, we have seen many Valentine’s Day decorations using red and pink lanterns, so we decided to join in on the fun!


Holiday 9.5″ Round Lanterns – Red (Set of 3)
from HomeSeasons

This year, we started carrying red lanterns in our online store. These red lanterns are great for holidays year round, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, and of course, Valentine’s Day!

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you a few different ways to decorate these lanterns for a personalized Valentine’s Day decoration.

Via Babble

  • Decorative Cutout Edge: With a paper hole punch, carefully punch shapes between the wires into the paper for a see through pattern! Do this along the rim for a fun edge. Hole punches with a handle work best to slip in between the paper.

Via Walmart

  • Mod Podge Shapes: Using different colored tissue paper, cut out shapes you want to add to the lantern. Mod podge (with a foam brush) the area of the lantern you want to attach the shapes, and stick on. Apply a thin layer of mod podge on top to secure.
  • Ombre Glitter: Cover the bottom half on the lantern with a thin layer of mod podge, and sprinkle on glitter. Once dried, repeat the first steps but only cover bottom half of the previous area with mod podge. Sprinkle on glitter. Repeat again and cover only half of the previous area until you can see an ombre effect.
  • Swirly Ribbon Embellishment: Add on long swirls of ribbon to add embellished flair! Tie it to the top of the lantern to secure. Dont forget to curl the ribbon for extra flair.
  • Quick and Easy Paint and Stickers: For a super easy decoration, use paint to draw on your favorite patterns! We suggest using paints that are not too watery, such as acrylic or tempera paint. Stickers are also quick and easy.

If you’re going to be decorating your home with lanterns this Valentine’s Day, we definitely suggest trying these ideas out! Not only will you have a fun time decorating them, you’ll also impress your Valentine with DIY skills.

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