Candy Conversation Heart Craft Ideas

“Be Mine” “Hugs” “Kisses” “True Love” — We’re all familiar with the fun conversation heart candies that are oh so yummy for Valentine’s Day. As much as we enjoy eating them, they also make great crafting supplies! These multicolored candies are great for doing arts and crafts because of their wide variety of colors, and cute heart shape.

Today, we’re going to share with you some crafting ideas involving candy conversation hearts. Make a few to place around your home for decoration, or just make one for your special Valentine.

Via Tiny Prints

This conversation heart topiary from Tiny Prints is one of our favorites! Glue the hearts onto a foam ball and attach it to the end of a stick. Fill a bucket with more candy hearts to complete.

Via Someday Crafts

Here’s another take on the conversation heart topiary. This time, it’s in a cone form! Make a few in different sizes to use as tabletop decoration.

Via Blue Moss Girls

Create your own conversation heart rings like these cute ones from Blue Moss Girls! Pick your favorite color and saying, and glue it onto a craft ring with a hot glue gun.

Via About

This fun, colorful wreath will make an excellent door decoration! Find a foam craft wreath and glue on the hearts in any pattern you like. Add a sweet bow to finish!

Via Parent Society

This is one of the easiest home decor ideas to try for Valentine’s Day. Fill the bottom of a glass votive with the candy hearts to use as filler. Choose your favorite candle and put it on top. Place in the middle of your table for a romantic centerpiece.

Candy conversations hearts are not only yummy, they’re also crafty! Which one is your favorite craft idea? Let us know in the comments below! We hope everyone gives these ideas a try, because we think they’re so fun!



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4 responses to “Candy Conversation Heart Craft Ideas

  1. Aw, I love the rings! These are all really good ideas because, well let’s be honest, those candy hearts aren’t actually that tasty. But they are pretty to look at!

  2. These are all such cute ideas! (And delicious — I really like eating conversation hearts, even though I know some aren’t as fond!) 😉

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