Rose Colors & Their Meanings

Traditionally, flowers have been used to convey different feelings and emotions, with different types  and colors signifying different things. One flower that signifies Valentine’s Day is definitely the rose. Roses have long been a sought after gift for Valentine’s Day, but, did you know that each color of the rose has a different meaning?

Via Gifts

Roses are especially popular for gifting because they come in such a wide array of colors. If you have a lovely message to send, there is sure to be a rose to help you convey your thoughts. Here are some meanings of the most popular color of roses!

Red Roses – Love, beauty, romance, “I Love You”

Pink Roses – Gentleness, happiness, gracefulness

White Roses – Purity, honor, remembrance

Yellow Roses – Friendship, joy

Orange Roses – Desire

Now that you know a little more about the different meaning of roses, pick the one that best symbolizes your Valentine and surprise them with your newfound knowledge! A meaningful bouquet of flowers can trump the biggest box of chocolate, so be sure to include a lovely vase along with your bouquet.


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