A Very Purple Valentine

When you think Valentine’s Day, what are some colors you immediately think of? Like many others, you most likely picked red and pink. As traditional as those colors may be, purple is making it’s way into the Valentine’s Day scene, and we think it’s here to stay!

It is the perfect complement to the reds and pinks. Here are a few ways to add purples to your Valentine’s Day celebration! Whether it be in your home decor or in the gifts and food, it’s a great color to try.

Via Weddings and Party Network

Via Squidoo

Via Marvel Building

Via Conecting Wedding

We’re loving purple for Valentine’s Day! Whether you use it in conjunction with the traditional reds and pinks or just on it’s own, purple is great for Valentine’s Day. What other shades do you think would go great with red and pink? Let us know in the comments below!



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6 responses to “A Very Purple Valentine

  1. Must Have Boxes

    Those purple cupcakes are so gorgeous!

    – KW

  2. Nice blog!!! I’m a new follower!!! A big kiss from Florence!!!

  3. Love the purple!!! And to answer your question, I also think lighter shades of green as an accent to the reds and pink work well too.

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