More Chinese New Year Decorations – Featuring

Chinese New Year is almost two weeks away! Many families have already started preparing for the holiday, creating meal plans and decorating their homes with red and gold.

Yesterday, we posted about some traditional Chinese New Year home decorations (check out the post here). Today, we’re going to share with you more Chinese New Year decorations, available now on!


Chinese New Year Lucky Gold Pigs

These cute gold pigs are great for tabletop decoration, and they also double as a piggy coin bank!


12′ Accordion Lantern Garland

Decorate the porch of your home with this garland of red accordion lanterns!


Plastic Money Tree

This plastic money tree is a popular item for Chinese New Year. Tie treats or money to the tree for good luck!


Chinese New Year Lucky Gold Coins (Yuan Bao)

Bring wealth and fortune into your home with these lucky gold coins! In Chinese, they’re called yuan bao.


9.5″ Round Lanterns

Hang red lanterns around your home for quick and easy decorating for Chinese New Year!


All of these items, plus many more, can be found on! Don’t forget to check out our entire selection of holiday decorations year round! We currently offer free shipping on all orders to the United States, so take advantage of the offer! Fast delivery, lowest cost, straight to your doorstep!


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