Chinese New Year Red Home Decorations

While cleaning your home for Chinese New Year is a must, decorating it is also necessary! Alongside fresh flowers, many families also put up other Chinese New Year decorations to celebrate. Red is the color of Chinese New Year, so make sure you have an abundance of red around your home!

We’re going to share with you some popular decorations for you to use for your own home during Chinese New Year!

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Firecrackers are synonymous with Chinese New Year celebrations. Though many cities now do not allow real firecrackers to be set off because of safety, there are many decorative firecrackers that we can find on the market.

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This decorative sign, also known as fai chun, is common for Chinese New Year. Many fai chun are still drawn by hand using Chinese calligraphy on a piece of red paper, but you can also find printed ones. Traditional four-word phrases are usually written on the fai chun, signifying anything from good luck, health, to many others.

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HS-C-LAN-RND-RCheck out this one we have from

If you visit a Chinese New Year festival, you’ll definitely see a lot of red lanterns. They can be decorated with intricate designs, or just plain. Either way, they are beautiful when lit up.

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The Chinese knot decoration is a prevalent wall decor. The art of knotting was popularized in the Ming Dynasty and continues to be popular now, and especially during holidays. It can be decorated using coins strung into the knot.

Give a few of these decorations a try for Chinese New Year, and let us know which is your favorite!


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