Chinese New Year DIY Craft – Paper Chain Snake

2013 will be the year of the snake. This means snake themed decorations all around. I know you may be thinking, “Where can we find some snake themed decorations to use around the home?” Well if you can’t buy it, make it!

Today, we’re going to share with you a fun DIY project to make a crafty snake decoration for the home. This project is great to share with children while we teach them them all about the year of the snake. Keep reading for supply ideas and some instructions to try!

Via Micador


  • construction paper strips (in all different colors)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • ruler
  • pencil

Choose a color you like and cut 15-20 strips of construction paper (around 5″ x 1″ each) for the snake body. To create the body, create a circle with a strip and glue the ends together. Link another strip of paper and glue. Continue until you get the desired length for the body. Wikihow has a great picture tutorial to make paper chains:

Via Wikihow

To make the head of the snake, glue on googly eyes. To make a long slithering tongue, cut a long Y shape with red paper. Curl the piece of paper around a pencil to make it curly. Fold the long end down and glue to the face under the eyes.

This project can easily be personalized and modified! Here are some additional ideas to try:

  • Before gluing the strips together, decorate them with markers and colored pencils! Draw fun patterns on the paper to create a personalized snake design
  • Use different colored strips to make a multicolored snake
  • Try textured stock paper for a new take on patterns
  • This project doesn’t have to be just made with paper. Try felt fabric for a longer lasting project. Substitute markers with fabric paint and fabric glue.

If you try out this quick and easy project, let us know in the comments below! Share with us pictures and supplies that you used to make your crafty snake. We would love to see your take on this DIY project!

In addition, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


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