Chinese New Year Outfit – Traditional Qi Pao/Chang Pao Clothing

Among all the traditions to observe for Chinese New Year, dressing up in new clothing is an integral part to welcome the new year, and to also signify new beginnings. Everyone would dress up in brightly colored shirts, usually in red, to scare off evil spirits and bad fortune.

Via Oxentiatourism

To step this tradition up a notch, many people would dress up in traditional Chinese outfits. The  females would wear a qi pao (or cheongsam), which is a traditional Chinese dress. When the qi pao first came around, it was a loose article of clothing that hid most of a women’s body. Over time, it was tailored to be more form fitting to adapt with the modernization of the pattern.

Via Cheongsam Fashion

This is an example of a more modern version of the qi pao. It has short sleeves and a short hemline, but still uses a traditional type of pattern.

The male version of the qi pao/cheongsam is called the chang pao (or changsan). Males would formally wear the chang pao as part of their daily uniform before the more Westernized suit became popular.

Via Cultural China

Will you be wearing a traditional Chinese outfit to celebrate Chinese New Year? Let us know in the comments below. Celebrate this holiday in traditional style to bring good luck and fortune for the new year!



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2 responses to “Chinese New Year Outfit – Traditional Qi Pao/Chang Pao Clothing

  1. These are all so gorgeous!! I WISH I would be wearing one of these beautiful outfits!

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