More DIY Winter Holiday Snow Globe Ideas

Last year, we posted a fun project idea to make your own DIY Holiday Snow Globes for Christmas (click here for post), and since then, we’ve seen so many more renditions of this project that we thought we should share more ideas with everyone!

We think these snow globes are perfect for winter. It brings the beauty of snow indoors without the cold! Keep reading for more pictures and inspiration! We can’t wait to share some of our favorite finds!

Via Home Made Simple

Via Grey Likes Weddings

Via Craft Gawker

Via Make and Do Girl

Via Craft Gawker

These lovely DIY snow globes are great for the holidays and winter. Not only can these be made with supplies found around your home, you can customize it in any way you like! Fill your snow globe with craft snow flakes and glitter to create your own snowy winter wonderland in a jar! For more information regarding the images, please refer back to the link. Happy DIY-ing!



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3 responses to “More DIY Winter Holiday Snow Globe Ideas

  1. I love these!! I think they make such a fun and great gift — perfect to decorate a table for a party and then have guests each take one as they leave 🙂

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