Sparkling Drinks for New Years

Nothing is more festive than having a bubbly drink on New Years eve. Whether you choose to try a little champagne or a sparkling cider drink, it definitely amps up the mood.

Today, we’re going to share with everyone some ideas for non-alcoholic sparkling drinks for the new years, great for everyone to enjoy!


Via Stylish Trendy

  • apple or pear cider is always a quick and easy alternative
  • to make your own sparkling drink at home, mix a dash of fruit juice with sparkling water
  • glass bottled soda makes drinking soda a little more festive, top it off with a colorful straw
  • ginger ale is another great fizzy drink that looks festive
  • instead of boring party cups, serve guests their drinks in glass or plastic clear champagne flutes

Bring in the new year responsibly, and enjoy celebrating! We hope everyone will enjoy the last few days left of 2012!




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