Alternative Christmas Trees for the Holidays

The Christmas tree is the epicenter of many holiday celebrations. Children across the globe gather under the tree on Christmas day  and open their presents from friends and family (and Santa too)!

As far as traditions go, a fresh cut Christmas tree is brought into the home and decorated. Soon after, the artificial tree was created for families that want a Christmas tree without the piney mess. Today, in 2012, there are even more alternatives to the Christmas tree, made from everything under the sun. We’re sharing with you our favorite Christmas tree alternatives for the holidays!

Via My Homespun Threads

We’ve seen many households trying the Christmas branch idea. This is great for families with smaller spaces

Via About

Check out this cool Christmas tree wall decal!

Via Furniturezz

This Christmas tree is made entirely of string lights!

Via Pinterest

This edible one looks delicious!

From House and Home

This can double as a Christmas tree AND and art project for the kids.

After checking these out, what do you think? Will you be trying out the alternative Christmas tree this year? We love the idea of the traditional Christmas tree, but we also love these. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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