Christmas Card Holder and Display Ideas

Do you enjoy receiving e-cards for Christmas or traditional Christmas cards in the mail? Even though we are living in the golden electronic age, many of us are still sending out traditional Christmas cards to our family and friends via snail mail.

Personally, I love receiving real Christmas cards. It’s a lot more personal and shows more thought and planning. Every year, we collect all the ones we’ve received and find a place to display them around the home. Check out all the innovative ways we found to display your collection of Christmas cards!

Via Tillys Cottage

Via Vicki O’Dell

Via Honeysuckle Blog

Via House to Home

Via Home Life

Via Crafitness is Not Optional

Where do you like to display your Christmas cards? Share with us below! If you have more Christmas card holder and display ideas, feel free to share with everyone! We want to keep the tradition of sending real Christmas cards alive!



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3 responses to “Christmas Card Holder and Display Ideas

  1. The clothespin wreath is REALLY cute! It’s one of those projects that makes you smile! I’m not a “crafty” person per se, but I love to see what other people with the gift are doing! Thank you for dropping by my blog today! I really appreciate it! I’m going to poke around yours a bit! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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